Chemical Name: Sodium Hydrosulfide

Synonyms: Hidrosulfurosodics; Hydrogeno Sulfurede Sodium; Hydrogeno Sulfurede Sodium, Anhydre; Hydrogeno Sulfurede Sodium, Dihydrate; Hydrogen Sodium Sulfide; Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide; Sodium Hydrosulfide; Sodium Hydrosulfide, Anhydrous

CAS №: 16721-80-5

EINECS №: 240-778-0

Molecular Formula: NaHS

Molecular Weight: 56.06g/mol

Product Grade: Technical Grade

Description: A kind of sodium salt. 

Technical data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes. 
Typical Product Code TelSun 325
Physical Appearance Light yellow to yellow flake
Properties: Melting Point 52 – 56℃
Flash Point 90℃
Typical Solubility 620g/L (Aqueous @20℃)
Chemical Water Insoluble Matter 50ppm Max
Properties: Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) 1.0% Max
Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3) 1.5% Max
Sodium Sulfide (Na2S) 0.5% Max
Iron (Fe) (ppm) 30ppm Max
Assay 70.0% Min

Applications: 1. Used to synthesis of organic intermediates and preparation of sulphur dyes auxiliaries;
2. Used as a kind of water treatment chemicals; 
3. Used as copper ore processing in mining industry;
4. Used in synthetic fiber production;
5. Used as desulfurization agent in fertilizer industry.

Storage: Store the containers tightly closed. Store in a dry, cool place. 

Handling: Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not take internal. Keep the containers closed when not in use.  

Shelf Life: 2 years 

Packaging: 25KGS/ Bag