A steam activation method for activated carbon species, VA-11, specific for from the incinerator flue gas removal of heavy metals and other types of pollutants. In different scale applications were repeated verification test, has proved the varieties of activated carbon can be efficient in removing heavy metal, dioxin (PCDD) and dibenzofurans (PCDF) pollution components. The activated carbon products have "open" type pore structure and a fine powder, fast adsorption, because of flue gas and activated carbon contact time is short so rapid adsorption properties on the properties of activated carbon play a crucial.

        VA-11 a with free flowing property of powdered activated carbon, almost has no caking, through the automatic feeding device system spout smooth note to gas flow in can wet injection, injection, can also be dry. The varieties of activated carbon with a high ignition point, no combustion takes place in the incinerator flue gas flow, with good safety.



Molasses decolorization efficiency


Packaging moisture


Sieve mesh 325 mesh


Iodine value


Total sulfur


Bulk density, percussion, g/mL (lb/ft3)

0.51 (32)

Specific surface area

600 m2/g

The ignition point