VA-10 activated carbon is a kind of high grade granular activated carbon products. It has a very good effect on the removal of trace organic matter in water.

        The content of this type of product selection of high-grade bituminous coal as raw materials to make, the high-energy adsorption pore content of product reached the highest. The tracer substance determination and evaluation of the "high-energy adsorption pore" is directly and activated carbon products of low concentration organic pollutants adsorption capacity associated with it.

        Do a high rank bituminous coal based activated carbon products, SH-10 in many water treatment application areas are excellent durability in repeated regeneration, hydraulic flushing and handling, the backwash operation, mechanical treatment in the process of operation. The anti wear performance and mechanical properties can be maintained for a long time.



Iodine adsorption value, mg/g


Apparent specific gravity, g/cc.


Moisture, wt.%


Wear value


Mesh size distribution; wt.%


Ash, wt.%


(Trace Number) tracer material adsorption value (Capacity), mg/cc